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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully these FAQs will answer any remaining questions however if there is anything we have missed out please e-mail us.

There are General FAQs and ones for those staying at Whiston Hall.


What time should we arrive?

The ceremony begins at 2pm, with Sally arriving some 5-10 minutes beforehand.  Therefore we would like everyone to arrive before 1.40pm.  

If you get there early, you can either have a drink at Whiston Hall or just down the hill (about a 5 min walk away) there is a pub called Sneyds Arms.

For those just attending the evening reception, the disco starts around 7.30pm but you are welcome to join us for a drink in the downstairs bar from 7pm.

Where can I park?

There is ample parking at Whiston Hall.

Can I take photographs during the ceremony?

No.  The registrar has asked if only the professional photographer takes photos during the ceremony itself.  However, you are welcome to take photographs when Sally enters, when we pose for the signing of the registrar and when we leave as Mr & Mrs Eaglesfield.

Can I throw confetti?

Yes. Whiston Hall have no problems with confetti being used either inside or outside.

Will there be disposable cameras on the tables?

No.  Most people have digital cameras so it seems pointless providing cameras that require developing.  However we would be delighted to receive copies of your photos on CD (if you require a replacement CD or the original sending back please let us know).

Will there be a break between the daytime and evening sections?

Yes.  The meal starts around 4pm so should finish somewhere around 6pm – 6.30pm depending on the length of the speeches (everyone is under instructions to keep them brief!).  The evening reception will begin around 7.30pm with the buffet available after the first dance.

The downstairs bar will be open throughout the day and evening.

What time does the evening reception finish?

The disco finishes at 12 midnight and the function room needs to be vacated by 12.15am.  However, the downstairs bar will stay open as long as we need it to so plenty of chance to have a quiet drink before heading off to bed.

Can I get a taxi from the hotel?

All taxis need to be pre-booked, ideally 3 or 4 days before the big day itself.  Whiston Hall is not on a main road and so taxis will not be passing that area.

Taxi numbers:

Country Wheels 01538 260012
Oakamoor Private Hire 01538 702720
Club Class Private Hire  01538 750209
Moorland Private Hire 01538 754746
Greenline 01538 750440

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For those staying at Whiston Hall

What time will the bedrooms be available?

The usual check-in time is at 2pm – but some rooms may be available earlier. If you turn up from 1am there is a chance your room will be ready.  If not it is possible that someone else’s will be.  A polite word with them might result in you being able to use their room to change in.

If you are unable to check in to your room before the wedding there will be a break following the sit-down meal and the evening reception which will allow you to sort out your bags etc.

Who do I pay for my room?

All rooms have been paid for by us so please make your payments to either of us unless you have already done so.  We should be easy to spot on the day – Sally will be the one in the ivory dress and James will be the tall one in the morning suit. 

What names have the rooms been reserved in?

  • Clarkson (John, Carol)

  • Eaglesfield (Jane, Reg)

  • Farr (John, Emma)

  • Hagues (Steve, Emma)

  • Mallett (Helen, Mike, Matthew, Claire)

  • Mallett (Linda, Eileen & Chloe)

  • Rogers (Ray, Stella)

  • Tennant (Colin, Jean)

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