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Guest Houses and B&Bs

Being so close to Alton Towers means that there are a good number of guest houses and B&Bs locally. Here are a few - though we don't know how good/expensive they are.

Name Location Distance from
Whiston Hall (miles)
The Railway Froghall 1.42 website
Hermitage Farm Froghall 1.48 website
Shawgate Farm Foxt 2.29 website
The Beehive Oakamoor 2.39 website
The Old Red Lion Ipstones 2.79 website
Bank House Oakamoor 2.94 website
The Laurels Oakamoor 3.38 website
Ribden Farm Oakamoor 3.81 website
Tenement Farm Oakamoor 3.81 website
Trough Ivy House Farley 3.96 website
The Bulls Head Inn Alton 5.78 website
The Malthouse Alton 5.81 website
Peakstones Inn Alton 6.14 website
Alverton Motel Alton 6.19 website

Whilst it is up to you to sort out where you are staying you may want to tell us when you have booked then we can help to organise transport if a few people are staying in the same place or near to one another.


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