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Wedding List

Having lived with (or should that be "put up with"?) each other for a few years, we don't require many of the the usual wedding gifts (our toaster is fine and we are ok for towels).  However, most of you will be aware of our love of skiing and help in this area is always appreciated.  We would both also like to start cycling so are in need of two new bikes.  With these activities in mind, vouchers for the following places would be most welcome (not that you really have to get us anything at all).

Tamworth Snowdome
Getting across to Lapland every month isn't an option at the moment, so to keep us in shape for the slopes we head down to Tamworth for a bit of skiing and ice-skating.

Snow & Rock
Our favourite ski shop.  We are always interested in updating and maintaining our equipment and ski gear and spend too much time browsing at the Manchester store.

Evans Cycles
Neither of us know much about bikes but Evans seems a good enough dealer and hopefully their expertise should help us choose the right bikes for us (complete with stabilisers I guess!).

We understand that some people are uncomfortable giving vouchers, in which case please contact us and we'll do our best to come up with some alternative ideas.


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